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The Baby Eater is an ancient and powerful demon. Every fifty years, it demands a sacrifice by speaking the name of a specific human child. Until that particular child is offered up, humanity is at its mercy. Every week that the Baby Eater goes hungry, the world suffers some new and increasingly serious calamity. There’s just one catch: the sacrifice of the child will not end the Baby Eater’s reign of terror unless their parents relinquish them willingly.

The Baby Game is a small group roleplaying activity designed to teach undergraduate philosophy students about consequentialist moral theory. Fundamentally, it is also a horror game, and, as such, contains content that players may find upsetting or disturbing, including references to mass casualty events and the killing of an infant. 


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Install instructions

Game consists of a PDF file that includes printable role cards and guides to play. There is also an optional Teacher's Supplement for instructors interested in using The Baby Game in the classroom (but which even casual players might find of some value). 

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